Top 5 {out & about}

Guess what, friends!!! We had a TON of incredible submissions this week. A LOT. We wracked our brains. Discussed. Pondered. Bickered.  Thought it out, then discussed some more. And guess what we decided? We decided that we couldn’t possibly decide. There were simply far more than 5 submissions that we wanted to feature this week. At first, we were really disappointed that some of our favorites would be left out. Then we realized something. “Oh YEAH! We make the rules! We can pick more than 5 if we want to!!”

So we did.

Stacie Turner Photography

Facebook | Website

Jennifer Nobriga Photography

Facebook | Website

Maganda Studios

Facebook | Website 

Cynthia Dawson Photography

Facebook | Website

Kate Luber Photography

Facebook | Website

Julieb (photographie)

Facebook | Website 

Linsey Wilt Photography

Facebook | Website

Erin Hensley Photography

Facebook | Website



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